“Views On The Six”get clearer as Friday approaches

Drake continues to tease fans before the release of his new album on Friday 29th April 2016.

Views On The Sixth Trailer

The release date for the album is in relation to Drake’s age, as the rapper turned celebrated his 29th birthday in October earlier this year.

Drake’s first full-length album in nearly three years, “Views On The Sixth”, is almost upon us – and after teasing fans with a cryptic 30-second trailer for the project earlier this month, he has now released his cover art.

The much awaited album’s cover was posted on Twitter earlier this morning. The image shows the rapper sitting on top of Toronto’s iconic CN Tower.

The image reiterates Drake’s Canadian upbringing, the caption reads: “To the city and the people in it… Thank you for everything #VIEWS”.

The long wait for the album and its cover means that there can be many interpretations to what it may symbolise.

The dark clouds and the various shades of grey set a somewhat dejected atmosphere. In comparison to previous album covers such as “Nothing was the same” which was visibly more colourful with a blue sky in background, “Views On The Sixth” may imply a change in tone by the rapper.

NWTS                          Nothing Was The Same- Album cover 2013

After staring at the image more intensely, more and more implications can be made. The tower may symbolise his fame, as the CN Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Toronto.

Looking down on the city of Toronto, Drake realises that being so high up from the rest of the city may not necessarily be what he desires; hence the grey clouds in the background.

However, the microscopic detailing and bland “stock photo” aesthetic may highlight the isolation experienced by the rapper. At first glance, it’s hard to notice Drake sitting on the tower at all.  Feeling lonely while having the world at your feet is not an alien concept in the music industry.

Despite all this, it is not possible to assume the nature of the album until listening to the songs; it will be interesting to see if the interpretations correlate with the tone of music.

That said, the image is strikingly meme-able: which is a recurring theme in Drake’s in recent times.

Given all the gifs that were spawned from the rapper’s similarly ‘bad’ video for “Hotline Bling”, it almost feels like this lo-fi look is a conscious decision from the star.

It’s only a matter of time now until all is revealed: Is he just playing us all? Could he actually be a genuine marketing mastermind?




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