Summon Your Spirit Guide In Four Simple Steps

Spirit guides are ethereal beings assigned to us before birth. While they can help us dodge life’s obstacles, it’s often easy to forget their presence. Here are four simple ways to re-connect with your helpers…

Look for signs and symbols

Spirit guides mainly use signs and symbols as a form of communication. Their messages can be easy to miss, such as seeing a certain number repeatedly in different places or hearing a particular song lyric that resonates. If you need advice from your spirit guides, be specific about what it is you’re looking for – you’ll be surprised at the amount of symbols and positive omens you start noticing.

Listen to you intuition

Our spirit guides are always trying to get through to us, so it’s important that we find ways of letting them in. Often our lives can be so stressful and chaotic that it can be difficult to hear them, or to listen to the small voice in our head that pops up when we have big decisions to make. Learn to listen to your intuition more and you’ll soon notice how much of a helping presence your guides can be.

Greet them in meditation

Meditation is also an effective way of finding your guides. As you prepare to unwind, start your session by showing gratitude for everything your spirit guides have done for you – this can be by offering a small prayer of thanks or lighting a candle. While meditating, focus your thoughts on inviting your guides to assist you in answering whatever area of your life you want help with. Spirit guides often come to us in symbols – think of the qualities that these objects represent such as strength, guidance and inspiration.

Summon them in your dreams

Dreaming is also a great way of accessing your spirit guides via your subconscious. As you drift off, let your thoughts tune into your inner being. Allow yourself to fall deeper and deeper into a more relaxed state of awareness as you focus on meeting your spirit guide. We recommend keeping a dream diary and taking notes of what happens in your night-time visions – while their meaning may not be obvious at first, certain encounters or circumstances could reveal more meaning in the future.


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