Where do you lead me?
I need something more,
You’ve given me too much to feel,
Something more real,
Something worth the pain,
Where it can all heal.

I’m real, you’ve convinced me I am.
Yet I do not know where I stand,
To realise reality is no wonderland,
Here I have no one beside, no grip of another hand,
Only pain time gives me:
Sleepless till dawn,
Tireless through the storm,
Most of all, accepting this to be the norm

You are all I need,
To feel the weight of my heart,
To Keep it safe in your hands,
It feels to heavy for me to hold,
Before it drops and becomes cold.

Sweet Touch,
What is the answer I seek?
To ask and listen to others speak?
Only can I find if I hold myself,
Above the voices of everyone else.
To truly find if happiness is a feeling,
Or another human being.

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