Finding your place

I’ve been thinking a lot about this phenomenon of feeling behind in life, feeling as though you simply just don’t know what direction you’re heading in and whether or not it is leading you anywhere significant. This is mainly because I’ve come up against this on more than one occasion during my life thus far. Even my friends, can often relate too.. I guess it must be a young peoples thing. Although, there are many people out there, some even younger than me who already know exactly what they want and are well on the way to achieving it. For those few special people, all I have is admiration and envy, for I’ve longed many a day wanting to have that mind set, that drive and desire.

Anyways, the conversations with my piers made me realise that this issue is something that we all find hard to articulate and share with each other. We tell ourselves; “my time will come”, “everything happens for a reason” etc etc. But you know what the sad thing is, that feeling still exists in the back of our minds. The feeling of not measuring up, never being able to catch up and simply not knowing if your life at present is the best version of it, are you capable of better? All these thoughts have made me reflect on myself. One example is how competitive I can be, always feeling the need to compare my situation to someone else’s and wanting to better them to feel happy. I felt that it was a good quality that I was motivated, determined and forward thinking. The sad reality of it all is that, I was never really happy. In fact, wanting to meet the standards that other set for themselves reduced me to having no standards at all.

I felt robbed of a lot of Joy and true happiness; always having to work, more forward and the constant need to satisfy those around; drowning in the appreciation they give me while not really appreciating myself.  It is a really ugly thing to admit, but there you go. But in a world where there’s growing pressure to be social through platforms and pictures, its easy to loose yourself and very difficult and find who you are again. It’s only when life gives you a slap in the face, you stop and think. It’s only then the reality really hits you, and I mean life. Not a reality where you wake up and check your phone to feel happy again, but one in which no matter what you seem to do, life seems to be heading towards a dreaded dead end. The screen you’re staring at, it hides the harsh reality but only temporarily; when you grow too old to care about people other than yourself and your loved ones, that dead end which was so far away is now inches away, too late for you to plan a getaway.


It’s not all doom and gloom though, the trick is to keep your minds eye open. Even when the world is changing rapidly around you, it’s important to go at your own pace and trust your instinct. It’s often when you rush decision making or become influenced by the opinions of others, that the seed of doubt gets planted in your mind the moment a decision is made. And if something is to go wrong, it’s easy to blame those who influenced you; “I wouldn’t have done this if it weren’t for you”, “How could you let me do this and not say anything?”etc. However, to grow from within and make better decisions, acceptance of your own failings is crucial. There wont always be someone else to blame, believe it or not. Admitting that it was actually you who fucked up all by yourself, living in regret and drowning in the guilt that haunts you, is one of the most humbling feelings one can experience. It won’t be over in a day or a week, a whole month might not even be long enough. It’s important not to rush this process, because its easy to fall back into the same cycle of seeking assistance with decision making.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad to ask for a second opinion but always bare in mind that it will only be you who’s likely to feel the direct impact of whatever choice is made. After all, we all want to be unique and fulfill our own specific vocations. I believe that all individuals harness a unique set of skills along with a burning desire to trigger a meaningful impact on the world. Until we take the time to intimately connect with and cultivate these skills, we will never find our true calling.





Arguably the best game of IPL 2017

Looking forward to this game as the Sunrisers Hyderabad take on the Kings XI Punjab at The Rajiv Ghandi Stadium, both teams in need for a good team performance.

Sunrisers have been making changes after every game to this team to get the right balance, with players coming and out of the side. Winning their first two games at home against RCB and Gurujat Lions, but loosing away to the Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Kinght Riders. This game sees the first appearances for Mohamad Nabi and Sidhart Kaul.

Kings XI also making changes to the team that they put out against Kolkata and The Delhi Daredevils,  where the performance was not up to the mark. Ishant Sharma comes back into the side replacing Varun Aaron to maybe bring back the form the team started this season with.

Put into bat, SRH rode on two performances with the bat. An uncharacteristic 70 from the skipper Warner, and Naman Ojha’s 20-ball 34 were the top two scores in the SRH innings. Warner struggled at the beginning of the match; the ball seldom found the sweet spot of his bat and he struggled to find the gaps in the field.

But unlike his teammates, who perished in the face of some disciplined bowling by the KXIP bowlers or in an attempt to force the pace, Warner persevered and did not throw his wicket away. The SRH captain did not hit a boundary and had a mere 6 runs from 16 balls at the end of the powerplay overs, fending off the opening bowlers.

The left-hander broke the shackles in the seventh over when he reverse-swept the spin bowler KC Carippa and picked up the first of his seven boundaries. In the ninth over, he hit the spinner into the stands.

At the half-way stage, SRH were 54-3. That was when Naman Ojhas batting changed completely after a talk with David Warner, the pair collected a boundary each off Cariappa in the eleventh. In the twelfth, Ojha scored a boundary off Axar Patel, while Warner picked up a boundary through in the thirteenth. In the fourteenth, Ojha deposited the left-arm spinner into the stands. Ishant Sharma conceded 12 in the fifteenth, and SRH finally had some momentum to their innings; the hosts added 54 runs between overs 11 and 15.

Ojha was dismissed by Cariappa in the sixteenth, stumped by Wriddhiman Saha. Warner stayed at the crease, persistent; scoring 15 runs off six deliveries in the last two overs and remained unbeaten on 70, made from 54 balls, and studded with seven boundaries and two sixes.

For KXIP, Ishant Sharma was the most economical bowler, conceding only 23 runs in his four overs. Mohit Sharma (2-25) and Axar Patel (2-33) were complimented by Sandeep Sharma and Cariappa.

As the second innings is underway, Kings 11 have walked out with intent; the experienced  Hashim Amla and the explosive youngster Manan Vohra. Buveneshwar starts with great wind in his sales, it reqardes him with the wicket of Hashim Amla for a Duck.

Glen Maxwell walks out, the predictions are that he is much more useful 3rd in the lineup to lighten the mood after the first wicket falling early in the innings. Vohra is showing glimpses of what he can do with a wonderful cut over the cover/midwicket region.

David Warners wonderful tactics result in the Wicket of Maxwell falling, bowled Bueneshwar with him being rushed into a rash shot over midwicket into the hands of David Warner.

Eion Morgan walks out ,he has always been a wonderful asset to any team he has been a part of. He said in an interview said that IPL was what taught him to play international cricket with flair.

Nabi now is being introduced into the attack, his first time in IPL 2017. A bad start to the over as Nabi balls one just a touch short which gets dispatched down the ground by Morgan. Nabi shows his cool by not allowing any boundaries for the remainder of the over.

Rashid Kahn is now introduced into the attack, Nabi bowling in tandom; another tactical plan from David Warner. Morgan in a pre match interview was asked about how he would face Rashid Kahn, to witch he answered, “I have no idea, I think I’ll just close my eyes and swing. He is too good to predict”.

Henriques has had a benevolent start to this years IPL, being in good touch with his batting and his healty nack of picking up wickets has been a weapon for The Sunrisers this season thus far. Although he missed a game due to being unwell, he has bounced back and looks very skiddy and accurate in his first over.

Mohamad Nabi, joins the party as he is now very much back in action with striking the middle and leg stums to dismiss Ioen Morgans wicket. After being hit for a six early in his spell, Nabi has bounced back with a spring in his step, showing very good body language.

Another left hander bites the dust. Rashin Kahn bowles Millers leg stump down as he delivers a fast leg spinner into towards the stumps. Both the afgan bowlers showing how they are able to stay composed after being hit around the ground early in their spells.

The spinners all over the Kings 11, Nabi and Rasheed now reminders them that 60 runs is getting further and further away. Warner with clever tactics, with a spinner operating at either end.

Henriques introduced into the attack once again continue his free wicket taking run, as he dismisses Axar Patel. All the overseas batsmen have been dismissed for Kings 11, it is now for the lower order batsmen to pull Kings 11 out of this slump.

Mohit Sharma walks out into the middle, dispatching his first delivery for a huge six. Sran bowls the next one wide, the pressure showing. Sran conceding two more boundaries in the same over.

Rashid Kahn bought back into the attack for his final over gets the Vohra treatment with two sixes and a four to finish, 21 runs conceded as Rashid Kahns bowls out his fourth.

Buveneshwar Kumar, he takes wickets with the new ball and now he comes back to and takes a wicket In the death. Mohit Sharma walks back to the dug out caught out deep.

Kaul only conceding only 9 in his two overs, comes back into attack to put a holt to Manan Vohras magnificent innings.

Cariappa at the crease, struggling to make contact with the ball. Kaul keeps him guessing and Buveneshwar steps in to deliver the final blow.

Buveneshwar Kumar, takes the wicket of the impressive Manan Vohra. Having played am absolute blinder of an innings with 95 from 50 balls.

Buveneshwar now with 5 wickets for 19 runs with 15 dot balls, an bowling performance to match Manan Vohras effort for Punjab with the bat.

Kaul now has the bowl in hand to keep his side in it with the last over.

First ball yields 2 runs

Second ball a wide just past the line

Third ball gives a way one run

Fourth ball is off target, vieering side down the leg side.

Fifth ball a good dot ball back into Kauls arms

Sixth ball, with 2 balls remaining and 6 runs to get.. A Yorker aimed at toes of Ishant Sharma, knocking the middle and leg stumps out of the ground! Sunrisers win by 5 runs, their home winning streak continues.