Finding your place

I’ve been thinking a lot about this phenomenon of feeling behind in life, feeling as though you simply just don’t know what direction you’re heading in and whether or not it is leading you anywhere significant. This is mainly because I’ve come up against this on more than one occasion during my life thus far. Even my friends, can often relate too.. I guess it must be a young peoples thing. Although, there are many people out there, some even younger than me who already know exactly what they want and are well on the way to achieving it. For those few special people, all I have is admiration and envy, for I’ve longed many a day wanting to have that mind set, that drive and desire.

Anyways, the conversations with my piers made me realise that this issue is something that we all find hard to articulate and share with each other. We tell ourselves; “my time will come”, “everything happens for a reason” etc etc. But you know what the sad thing is, that feeling still exists in the back of our minds. The feeling of not measuring up, never being able to catch up and simply not knowing if your life at present is the best version of it, are you capable of better? All these thoughts have made me reflect on myself. One example is how competitive I can be, always feeling the need to compare my situation to someone else’s and wanting to better them to feel happy. I felt that it was a good quality that I was motivated, determined and forward thinking. The sad reality of it all is that, I was never really happy. In fact, wanting to meet the standards that other set for themselves reduced me to having no standards at all.

I felt robbed of a lot of Joy and true happiness; always having to work, more forward and the constant need to satisfy those around; drowning in the appreciation they give me while not really appreciating myself.  It is a really ugly thing to admit, but there you go. But in a world where there’s growing pressure to be social through platforms and pictures, its easy to loose yourself and very difficult and find who you are again. It’s only when life gives you a slap in the face, you stop and think. It’s only then the reality really hits you, and I mean life. Not a reality where you wake up and check your phone to feel happy again, but one in which no matter what you seem to do, life seems to be heading towards a dreaded dead end. The screen you’re staring at, it hides the harsh reality but only temporarily; when you grow too old to care about people other than yourself and your loved ones, that dead end which was so far away is now inches away, too late for you to plan a getaway.


It’s not all doom and gloom though, the trick is to keep your minds eye open. Even when the world is changing rapidly around you, it’s important to go at your own pace and trust your instinct. It’s often when you rush decision making or become influenced by the opinions of others, that the seed of doubt gets planted in your mind the moment a decision is made. And if something is to go wrong, it’s easy to blame those who influenced you; “I wouldn’t have done this if it weren’t for you”, “How could you let me do this and not say anything?”etc. However, to grow from within and make better decisions, acceptance of your own failings is crucial. There wont always be someone else to blame, believe it or not. Admitting that it was actually you who fucked up all by yourself, living in regret and drowning in the guilt that haunts you, is one of the most humbling feelings one can experience. It won’t be over in a day or a week, a whole month might not even be long enough. It’s important not to rush this process, because its easy to fall back into the same cycle of seeking assistance with decision making.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad to ask for a second opinion but always bare in mind that it will only be you who’s likely to feel the direct impact of whatever choice is made. After all, we all want to be unique and fulfill our own specific vocations. I believe that all individuals harness a unique set of skills along with a burning desire to trigger a meaningful impact on the world. Until we take the time to intimately connect with and cultivate these skills, we will never find our true calling.






Yoga might be what you need…

Yoga is a journey, one that connects us to the inner core of our being. The techniques allow us to unite the body, mind and soul by releasing our earthly worries and becoming at one with our positive spirits.

Spending time being at one with yourself is often hard because of our hectic daily lives but it is essential for a healthy mind.

It offers so much more than just an alternative option for exercise. Here are a fews reasons why you might need Yoga in your life…

Do you worry about your future?
Practising yoga is a sure-fire way to forget your worries and stay in the moment. All your attention is directed at the poses and your breathing, so you don’t have time to worry about what you’ll be doing tomorrow or in the future. It allows you to be in spiritually safe place, wherein you don’t have to worry about what has happened or is about to happen. Through yoga, it becomes clear why living in the moment is the only way to ensure a happy future.

Do you find it hard to concentrate?
If you find yourself starting 10 things at once and not finishing any of them, yoga will make interpret time in a different way. Time is seen as a limitless entity during a session, preventing us from feeling restricted about how long we have left or when a deadline needs to be met. Meditation gives an individual the opportunity to concentrate on a subject without any distractions.

Is it hard for you to sleep at night?
If you’ve had enough of tossing and turning all night, yoga could be the solution. It helps to calm your mind and body, preparing you for a good night’s sleep. A peaceful slumber can be achieved through the use of simple mental exercises to relax the body and the mind and visualisations to evoke information stored in the subconscious mind.

Do you feel alone?
Yoga is a discipline that can strengthen your awareness of divine nature and help you to tune in to your psychic abilities and the world around you. When committing to yoga practice on a regular basis, yogis seek to experience and become aware of the spirit, or the energy, within and without. We’re not talking about ghostly spirits or some supernatural being, but rather a higher consciousness; a driving force, a motivation, a reason behind everything we think and everything we do. Being aware of this energy is something spiritual. Therefore, awareness is critical to yoga as a spiritual practice.

Yoga as a spiritual practice is not about changing your life so you can earn more money, be a ‘better’ person, or get a job you love. Yoga is not about getting rid of the negative by controlling your mind and your environment. Rather, practising yoga reminds you that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect life’. There will always be dangers, heartaches and sadness. Developing a spiritual side with yoga is about holding your pose regardless of your circumstances. This can only be achieved by an awareness of yourself and your experiences.